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Specialists in Solar Panel & Battery Storage Installations


ECEC are solar panel and battery storage installers based in Edinburgh, with installations across Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.

We help home owners and businesses realise the benefits of generating their own electricity.  In turn lowering their electricity bills and reducing their carbon footprint.

Expert advice and guidance is given by our experienced and fully trained Electricians, on choosing the best solar pv panels and battery storage systems for your needs.

From modest residential roof installations to large scale commercial installations.

We provide an on-line Solar Survey on your property, providing detailed information on energy savings and a estimated cost of an install.

ECEC are members of RECC (Renewable Energy Consumer Code and MCS Certified. We design your installation, submit your DNO application, provide you with an MCS Certificate and Test Certificate.

Most importantly we provide IWA Workmanship Warranty Cover.

Solar PV Panel Installation

Solar panel installations have become a popular renewable energy source, with many buildings across Edinburgh now featuring the recognisable panels on their rooftops.

        • A typical solar system contains around 10 panels and generates direct current electricity (DC).
        • As the electricity used for household appliances is alternating current (AC).
        • An inverter is installed along with the system to converter DC electricity to AC.
        • The electricity generated can be used throughout your home or business or exported to the grid.

Battery Storage Systems

Installing a battery storage system allows you to store your  generated electricity for later use.

They are a great addition to your solar panel installation, helping you make the most of the power you produce.

If you generate more energy than you can use and store, you can sell the surplus back to the grid.

ECEC will provide expert advice and guidance on choosing the best battery storage system for your needs.

View one or our Libbi Battery Storage System Installations.

MCS Certified
ECEC Solar & Battery Storage System Installation
ECEC Group Ltd Battery Storage Installation

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ECEC Electricians hold an LCL Award in the Installation & Maintenance of Small Scale Solar PV Systems.

GivEnergy Installation Training for Domestic Energy Storage Systems undertaken by ECEC Electricians.

ECEC Electricians are Approved Installers of Libbi Batteries.

ECEC are members of Renewable Energy Consumer Code.

All our installs come with a Workmanship Warranty from IWA. 

LCL Awards
RECC Approved
IWA Scheme

Contact our friendly and professional team to arrange a Solar Survey by:-

      • Completing the on-line form
      • Directly on 0131 281 1501
      • Email –

NOTE:- You maybe eligible for an interest free loan or grant from Home Energy Scotland.

ECEC Electricians installing
ECEC Battery Storage System Installation
Solar PV Panel Installation Edinburgh

The Benefits of Solar Panel and Battery Storage Installations for

Commerical Properties & Private Homes

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Generating your own solar power could reduce your premise’s carbon footprint.

Protection from Rising Energy Prices

You will be creating your own electricity once you have installed solar panels, reducing your reliance on domestic electricity.

Receive Payments for Extra Energy

If you generate more electricity than you require there is an option to sell this back to the national grid.

Store Excess Energy

     A battery storage system lets you capture electricity so you can use          it at another time. For example, you can store the electricity your solar panels generate during the day and use it at night.

Cut your Electricity Bills

Once you have installed your solar panels and battery storage system you will see an immediate reduction in the amount of electricity you will purchase from your electricity supplier.

Why Choose ECEC for your Solar PV Panels & Battery Storage Solutions

ECEC is a professional and friendly electrical contractors with expertise in Solar PV Panel and Battery Storage installations.

We will guide you through the whole process when you choose ECEC to install your Solar PV Panels and Battery Storage system.

From initial contact to installation we will be with you all the way.

In House Solar Experts

ECEC has solar design experts in-house who drawn on their expertise to answer all your questions relating to solar pv panels and battery storage systems.

We are a friendly and professional team who will organise all site surveys and provide all the required documention pre and post installation.


Bespoke Design

ECEC gather information for your bespoke design and provide you with an in-depth illustration.

Demonstrating system payback time, overall system generation and utility bill savings.


ECEC will manage the entire installation, so you don’t need to do a thing.

This includes:-

    • Roof Access
    • Panel Installation
    • Electrical Work

      Post Installation

      Once your install is compete, ECEC will provide you with all the documentation relating to your system.

        • Manuals
        • Warranties
        • Test Certificate



      ECEC’s Solar PV & Battery Storage Installation Process

      Initial Enquiry

      Please send your initial enquiry using our online form, over the phone or email us.

      Follow Up Call

      On receipt of your initial enquiry a member of our team will contact you to discuss your requirements further and obtain information about your property.

      It is important for our team to understand your current electricity costs, energy usage and the space available for solar panels. This will  determine the size of the system required and whether it will meet your objectives.

      Site Survey

      ECEC will contact you to arrange a site survey. We will look at your roof and external space and assess the best location for the layout of panels, the inverters and the cable run. As well as the location of the battery storage unit.

      A site survey helps us to understand your requirements in more detail, answer any questions you may have and assess the costs involved.


      ECEC will issue you with a comprehensive quote for your chosen installation.


      On acceptance of our quote we will arrange everything for you.

      Once an installation date has been confirmed we require a 50% deposit.

      FAQs on Solar PV Panels & Battery Storage Systems

      Solar PV Panel Considerations?

      Points to consider are:-

      Your home is not over-shadowed by other buildings and trees.

      Your roof is structurally sound to take the weight.

      Sufficient roof space.

      A predominately south facing roof.

      Do I need a Building Warrant?

      You may require a building warrant so you will need to contact your local council. 

      Do I need Planning Permission?

      You may need to apply for planning permission from your local council if your property is a listed building or in a conservation area.

      How long does an Installation Take?

      This will depend upon the number of panels you have installed – we generally say anything from 2 to 5 days

      How much Electricity can I expect to Generate?

      This is dependant upon the size of the ‘arrays’ panels installed on your roof.

      Is Funding Available?

      The Scottish Government offer grants for installs.

      Note – there are conditions regarding your property which the government require to be in place before supporting a grant request.

      Some of Our Great Reviews

      Google Reviews


      Very happy with ECEC. From initial contact (special mention to Lynda in office keeping me informed) to quote being provided and works carried out was all done in a very efficient way. Job ended up being more complicated but no change to initial quote and option to price up further work, with no obligation, was given. Also plenty of free advice was given by the guys carrying out the works.

      Google Reviews


      I have used Edinburgh City Electrical Contractors on a number of occasions related to previous employment, and used their services for my own property recently. The response rate is always fantastic! The communication is quick, smooth, informative and makes the whole experience hassle free.
      The quality of the service is great too. The maintenance providers are polite, timely and effective- never experienced any problems with using this company.
      If you need any electrical work done then I would highly recommend using Edinburgh City Electrical Contractors.

      Google Reviews


      Very prompt efficient service. I reduced by one star because I thought it was pretty expensive but as I needed someone urgently I was prepared to pay the extra. Overall impressed.

      Google Reviews


      This was my first time using ECEC and they did a great job. I had some spotlights fitted in the living room, they were very quick to respond with a quote which was competitive with other electricians and very quick to come out and carry out the work. It looks great! I have now requested a quote for additional work now that I know their quality and responsiveness. Would definitely recommend.