The Scottish Government has introduced a new law surrounding the installation of fire and smoke alarms in all homes across Scotland.  The responsibility to have these alarms fitted is down to homeowners and landlord by February 2022.

This new law states:-

All Scottish homes must have interlinked alarms which means that when one alarm is set off, all alarms go off too, ensuring you will hear an alarm regardless of where you are in your property.

To meet the requirements of this new law every home must have the following alarms in place:-

  • A smoke alarm fitted in the most frequently used room in the home such as a living room.
  • A smoke alarm fitted in every passing place (hallway or landing).
  • A heat alarm installed in the kitchen.

There are two types of alarms that are available for installation:-

  • A tamper proof 10 year lithium battery alarm.
  • A mains-wired alarms with a battery back-up.

Either option must be interlinked or hardwired into the property’s electrics and mounted on the ceiling.

A carbon monoxide detector must be installed in any room that has a carbon fuelled appliance for example a boiler, a gas fire or heater.  (Note. CO detectors do not have to be interlinked).

Contact ECEC to discuss these requirements further and if you have existing detectors through out your home, then we will talk you through the options to use your existing alarms and upgrade with the minimum of fuss.

We give existing clients a 10% discount off the cost of making their homes compliant by February 2022.